The Woodbridge Group and INOAC Corporation of Japan Grow Joint Venture in North America to form Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products™ read more

Innovate & Leverage

Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products makes polyurethane (PUR) foam products for a range of business uses. We leverage technologies to create padding, packaging, sealing, filtration and other products.

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Markets & Application

Our blocks, rolls and sheets of foam products are intended for a wide range of markets including automotive, filtration, medical and industrial product manufacturers.

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Who We Are

Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products is a JV between Woodbridge Group and INOAC Corporation of Japan

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Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products is part of The Woodbridge Group, and is responsible for all technical foams produced and distributed in North America.

In addition to foams produced domestically by Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products, we also offer access to a vast array of non-technical products available globally. 

Sealing Foam

Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products offers a hydrophobic sealing polyurethane foam. When compressed, it creates an airtight and watertight seal. Well-suited for gasket applications, ventilation systems, light fixtures, and weather stripping. These foams meet FMVSS-302 flame-retardency standards.


Industrial Filtration

A variety of products manufactured by members of our preferend fabricator network. Products include Small engine air filters, Aquarium/pond filters, Furnace, Ceramic.


Buffing Pads

Proprietary European foam technology offered along with domestically made foams to offer the most comprehensive product portfolio on the market.


Paint Rollers

We make foams specifically designed for the paint roller industry. These foams produce an extremely smooth finish and are manufactured to be superior to other paint roller materials.